BizDev HEALTH partners with first-rate organizations to meet or exceed your goals with cost efficient, state-of-the-art revenue-producing or expense-reducing solutions. They include:

Travel Staffing

Vibra Travels launched in 2021 initially serving their 60+ hospitals across the country with quality travelers – RN’s, LPN’s and Respiratory Therapists. Given their success, they made a strategic decision to serve external healthcare clients. Their approach is simple – They are not an agency. They are a company that treats your healthcare talent needs as if they were their own. If you have a need to serve more patients, reduce existing agency cost, or find a reliable staffing partner, Vibra Travels is here to help.

Surgical Workflow Automation

Medtel’s SurgiScript software automates the workflow from the doctor’s office to the hospital. Despite significant investments in EHR platforms, surgical care remains disjointed and relies on manual and inefficient processes to organize care between key stakeholders, and the data to support decision making is often inaccessible. With Medtel’s SurgiScrit software you can improve surgeon outcomes, profitability, and physician loyalty through connected teams, actionable data, and embedded clinical and financial guidelines.


Dental Partnership Organization

Power up your dental practice. Keep everything you love about your dental practice and gain the benefits of a larger group. MB2 Dental is a fast growing Dental Partnership Organization. By allowing partners to control their practices, MB2 Dental gives doctors the power to pursue personal growth and financial freedom while running their businesses and brands the way they choose. Monetize your practice early by divesting a portion of your practice and getting paid a multiple of EBITDA.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Partner with a leading provider of medical grade, remote, continuous respiratory patient monitoring. Implement this clinical service to support early intervention for chronic respiratory disease. Through remote patient set-up and clinical grade sensors, this service allows physicians to identify changes in patient conditions and intervene early.

Long-term Acute Care Hospital

National provider of long-term acute critical care and rehabilitation hospitals believes that superior clinical outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction are the hallmarks of a successful partnership. They are uniquely positioned for success as a post-acute service provider and offer structural options such as joint ventures, and management to meet their partners’ needs. Benefits to partners include access to experienced design, start-up, and operational teams, development of post-acute clinical centers of excellence, and shared financial risk and additional service line revenue.

Orthopedic Immediate Care

Change the way orthopedic care is delivered through the establishment of an Immediate Orthopedic Care Center. Drive surgical volume and prevent leakage by capturing patients early and streamlining the patients care. With a state-of-the-art model that  provides integrated marketing, clinical guidelines, project plans, billing systems, telemedicine, training, support and more, enhance your musculoskeletal service line and improve patient satisfaction. Licensure and JV models are available.

Rehabilitation Hospital

Compliment your care continuum with the development of a post-acute Rehab Hospital. Partner with a premier provider of rehab services who will bring national expertise to reduce the learning curve and assist in operationalizing quicker while providing access to clinical protocols and enhanced technology.

Behavioral Health Hospital

Meet the growing demand for behavioral health by adding a Behavioral Health Hospital to your portfolio. With rising social awareness, promising behavioral health transformations, insurance funding and provider shortages, partnering with a knowledgeable operator will reduce your learning curve.

Value-Based and Population Health Advisory Services & Analytics Software

With the industry’s foremost consulting group on value-based and population health risk models, prepare your group or organization for the ever-changing pluralistic payment world. Through its state-of-the-art analytics platform, data is easily interpreted to prepare your facility for success.

Air and Surface Purification

Engage with the leader in Pathogen Purification Solutions, Service, Monitoring and Certification to provide peace of mind to your employees and patients that it is safe to seek treatment. Utilize cutting-edge environmental technologies and solutions to reduce pathogen transmission, monitor air and surface quality and obtain  certification demonstrating your organization’s commitment to safety and wellness.